Careful/ Attention !                                                                                                                                                           This post is not a decipherment or reading of any actual written content of Tartaria tablets. Given that the signs do not belong to a single writing system but to several, the page has a purely didactic character. It has the role of trying and testing different writings, in the idea that the tablets would have used one of them. The signs on the tablets belong to several writing systems over a long period of time and which have been used in different geographical areas. In none of the trials did the signs fall into a single type of writing, there always remained signs that came from other writings (or as coming from the unknown). Most of the signs come from the Sumerian proto-cuneiform -shaped ones. The signs in the upper half of the round tablet seem to come from archaic Greek writing. This “collection” of signs seems to be the fruit of one’s rich imagination. As A. Falkenstein and A. A. Vaiman found, (this is also my firm opinion) the author was not a scribe, he had only vague notions about writing in general, and it is not known what he intended  or he was after. There are many elements of inconsistency as well as others that take the tablets out of the usual patterns and norms of honest logic, writing and intentions.                               =====

This is the result of my some 12 years of work. You must understand that I was many times in situations like to see in the depths of oceans the remains of the supposed Atlantida, also in half-awaken times forgotten signs,sounds and words come to connect by itselfs. In one of the latest days the sky become cristal-clear, as one could see the tinest blinking stars, an I had a perspective, kind of overall wiew or landscape on entire matter. Hope not kind of illusion/fata Morgana!                                                                            ——————————————————————————————————————–                 Read more:                                                                                  “The Danubian Neolithical cultures that makes the so-called Dabunian Civilisation (Vinca-Turdaș, Criș, Hamangia, Cucuteni, Gumelnița, Boian etc) were in fact the offsprings of migrations from Anatolia and Fertile Crescent toward Europe of early agricultors and the Vinca-Turdaș script, while the oldest system of writing in the world, didn’t developed in a large scale practice, there are no more than some hundreds discoveries of pottery shards and other pieces bearing (usually only one) such signs and the society wasn’t yet highly structured and hierarchized like the Sumerian one. And perhaps more important, the Vinca-Turdaș script was an isolated phenomenon, it disappeared with the end of this material culture (with some echos perhaps in the later Cucuteni culture).”

From :                           Sa nu ma atacati inainte de a trece o noapte. Nu stiu exact cum s-a intamplat, insa doar oasele au fost datate cu C14.Rezultatul este ca 99% din cercetatorii din lume stiu ca tablitele au fost datate.In consecinta,toti acestia iau de buna varsta de 5200 BC.Mai rau este ca toti incep sa-si modifice teoriile legate de neoliticul European si despre istoria Scrisului. Varsta aceasta poate sau nu fi adevarata. Insa toti ar trebui sa stie ca nu tablitele au fost datate ci numai oasele! In (forensic science) criminalistica vasta unui obiect nu se translateaza ca fiind aceeasi cu varsta unui alt obiect,chiar aflat in imediata vecinatate! Dupa cate am inteles in arheologie cand se poate cand nu, de cele mai multe ori da.Nu uitati ca in situl arheologic a fost haloimesul de pe lume.Nu s-a lucrat cf. tehnicilor actuale.asa daca ne gandim puteau pica din zeci de cm de mai sus.(Unii zic ca se lucra “la norma” si posibil Vlassa a luat tablitele din miile de obecte de-a lui Szofia Torma)Nimeni in lume si nicaieri nu a luat cineva vre-un pix in mana (cuneus) inainte de 3200-3500 BC.Nici macar ca sa faca tablite pictografice, darmite cu semne! Cu respect, ing. Eugen Rau Timisoara

I not agree the folowing!:The Hittites Quote:

Originally Posted by CARPATHIAN

The European population of Turdaș-Vinča culture discovered the writing and the metallurgy for the first time in human history and brought these discoveries to Mesopotamia where the Vinča Script was developed into the Cuneiform Script and the Sumerian culture has reached higher levels of development because of the hierarchization of society that brought the possibility of erecting imposing temples and cities.                                                                                                                                                        ———————————————————————————————————–                         regarding tablet’s age: So many questions

Radiocarbon dating – is it applicable to clay? Where are the tablets now? —Ghirla-трёп- 04:13, 20 July 2008 (UTC)

No, it isn’t. Radiocarbon dating may only be applied to organic artifacts. The original Tartaria tablets were of dried, unbaked clay. The Romanian scientists baked them in an oven, to avoid their decay, but any subsequent dating by thermoluminescence (which is the usual method for the age determnation of ceramic artifacts) became impossible.–Mazarin07(talk) 23:38, 26 July 2008 (UTC)

The radio-carbon dating was performed not on the tablets themselves but on the bones with which they were found and with which they are presumed to have been buried. The article’s (currently) second external link is to a report dated 2004 of an investigation of the bones, tablets etc that dates the bones to a calibrated r-c span of 5370-5140BC. Incidentally, that report also corrects several of the original excavator’s incorrect assumptions which the article currently still contains. For example, the bones were not burnt, and are of an elderly female, not a male. I leave it to someone with more wiki-fu to study the report and update the article. (talk) 13:37, 4 November 2008 (UTC)

– Now I am taking all the risks on me, for the folowing results of my assertion, and I am taking all my responsability as to say:

Even the tablets could be easily interpreted using quite large proto-sumerian sign library, wich permit to interpret and read the tablets in sumerian way, my conclusion wich push me or on top of the wave or get me completely drawned,

  • the tablets are not written in proper-sumerian even they could be related to.
  • they pertain to Anatolian->Aegean aerea
  • are not so old as supposed
  • some-how present knoledge of deep-in-time meaning of ancient basic issues by meaning of related icons (as mother earth=labryus=orion constellation) signs
  • have roots in ancient Aegean area;we have supposed refference points in ideas as Hera, Heros, Osiris, Sun and aster/star-related gods and deities.
  • The squared tablet is only reflecting by far those past ancient religious knoledge by meaning of direct-related icons.
  • there are signs on the tablets that are related and folowing some-how the sounds as in rebus principle.
  • the tablets were not written in much or not so ancient time as supposed to be (out of any discussion even as a joke 5.200 B.C.)No one had in hand a cuneus/stick before 3.200B.C. even as to get some pictographic tablet.
  • If true, carbon-dating of the bones 5.200B.C. then the deceased had not much to do or related to tablets. ! In forensic no way to atribute the age of an object to another even when found near !
  • the supposed writer had in-depth knoledge of the meaning of the much, old-before time used icons.
  • I suppose that the tablets writer had come from Aegean area, more exactly from the center of Cyclades (eg.Syros).Possible as an afteward Thera explosion migrant, but not 100% sure,cause there is posibility that only a bounch of Cycladic artefacts to be brought,not necessary the presence of a person from Cyclades.
  • Green colour in the folowing Map from The Risch-Chadwick Theory: An Obstacle to Progress by J. Faucounau
    Member of the Linguistic Society of Paris, France
  • the writer really could be kind of priestess and as consequence have knoledge of writing, (and don’t know why wanted to show or to learn som
  • ebody )the writing or human-kind knoledge evolution.
  • The squared tablet as,& the underside half of the round tablet it is not necesary and not sure that are containing specyphic direct-readable messages.
  • As Mr.Marco Merlini was first to notice the upper half of the round tablet was intended to be completely covered by squarred-one, this supposed to contain secret message or knoledge. + I am suposing as a true posibility that could contain the name of God in a form or another and as in Near-East the true name cannot be pronounced was hidden in kind of tetragrammaton!
  • So out of upper half of the round tablet all the rest of the signs in round and squarred tablet could be supposed from a modern perspective seen close to redundant (not giving clear information!)and are containing general ideas/meanings.Exemple :sign in right-down quadrant,situated on left (red colour):”ALTAR”?.
  • Tart RED
  • Image from
  • 1 – Donja Branjevina, after S. Karmanski 2005, Plates XI, XXXIX, XLIII, XLIV, XLIX, LIV;
  • “IF” the tablets (only as a hypothetical situation !) pertain to Minoan/Early Aegean area and coresponding period of time, situation will become increasily hard as to the point that one cannot understand the written message even if one could read it, because the language is almost completely unknown yet.
  • in a such a situation we remain stacked in a point one cannot decipher kind of hilly-billy /banana language ;named banana by linguists cause as in african or sumerian languages we have repeated word parts as na-na in word ba-na-na or as –sa particle in a-sa-sa-ra-me/goddess or I-na-na /sumerian goddess.
  • the good part in one reading attempt of those tablets is the fact that out of knowing in wich speciphic language were written,one could understand something because there are icons wich had tremendous important meanings and we know allready those meanings.
  • I advance the hypothesis that the language is early or even proper INDO-EUROPEAN, no matter one not be 100% sure what exactly is written or ment.
  • those ancient-ones were sufficient wise,had in-depth knoledge as to express as much as possible with the minimal number of signs/characters! Before they wrote something, it seems they had in mind a throughly planning in advance! (this e.g.could be seen/true on Ezerovo ring where out of one uniterrupted row of letters, one could extract many meanings/variants, so even we have greek letters ,so now-time there is no one good scientific large-agree-attested reading!)
  • From
  •                                                                                    ===================
    wich go close to my conclusions of my sumerian aproach, but he choosed not to precise identify each sumerian sign and show sumerian appearance and name. But luckily enough he succeded to corect identify many of them (bull/cattle, god, temple, branch/corn, altar, idea of offering, >>=sign “RU”,etc.). Where he has the sun sign, I have the (sun)GOD sign wich is close. All this green underlined are common with mines !
    Either don’t know why he not took the tablets separately and choosed to get meanings reading them only as beeing superposed.

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