ORION,Danubian Mother-Goddess sign, Labrys and Egyptian faith, possible connected?

BY FAR, SUN AND MOON WERE FIRST SECOND TO NONE, ASTRAL “THINGS” .                       ALL TIME IN THE FIRST PLACE !                                                                                        Folowing history and logics, hunting preceded agriculture by millenia.                             For the moment, don’t know what represented or what was ment in paleolithic or neolithic.Nor  when Orion was associated with “hunter” or hunting in different areas on Earth.                                                                                                                                             Image, from: earthsky.org/tonight/orion-the-hunter-your-ticket-to-the-milky-way.

From Orion Constellation Myths of Sumer, Babylon and Egypt http://www.astronomytrek.com/orion-constellation-myths-of-sumer-babylon-and-egypt/?fbclid=IwAR3jQg0NSuKUt76xkTs6f1iM2A2JZUySmRm7OSzYdYSV6yec7DR8YOJzQAU “Amongst Gilgamesh’s many great deeds was ordering the city walls of Uruk to be built, and wrestling with the wild man, Enkidu, representing the natural world, who was sent by the gods to humble him. Following a fierce battle, they became great friends, and enjoyed many adventures together, including killing Gugalanna, the Bull of Heaven, who had been unleashed by the supreme god Anu to kill Gilgamesh after an appeal by his daughter the goddess Inanna (Akkadian: Ishtar) whose affections Gilgamesh had spurned. The Sumerians subsequently honored the struggle by depicting Gilgamesh in the celestial heavens as the constellation of URU AN-NA (“the light of heaven”) fighting a bull, identified as the modern nearby constellation of Taurus. Amongst the attributes ascribed to the constellation of URU AN-NA was a bow in Gilgamesh’s left hand, an axe in his right, and a sword hanging from his belt.”

For the moment don’t know exacly how the shape was related to Mother-Goddess, axe or a bow.We’ll see.  Interesting the Orion shape is prezent in Sumerian proto-cuneiform signs library: https://cdli.ucla.edu/tools/SignLists/protocuneiform/archsigns.html

 GA’ARb1       GA’ARb2

and sign ZAG(a,b,c)ZAG_aZAG_bZAG_c


 ZAG(the shine of metals). From http://thegiannagiavelliblog.blogspot.ro/2014/12/

From http://indusscriptmore.blogspot.ro/2011/07/last-of-nine-stroke-indus-signs.html      In proto-cuneiform also, there is nothing quite like the Indus set of signs with the “table” on top. But there is an element something like the “asterisk” portion, ZAG~b, which eventually means “boundary, cusp; place; shrine; front.”  This sign begins with the same “X” with additional strokes.  But there is also a horizontal line at the top and another at the bottom, closing in these ends.  Rather than resembling an asterisk, then, ZAG looks like an hourglass (or a version of the Indus BOWTIE rotated 90 degrees).

Proto-cuneiform sign ZAG~b, “boundary; shrine; front, etc.”

From:Cuina Turcului-a rock shelter in the Iron gates gorges of the Danube

 They say that here are depicted the earth and heaven and the fact that some-how are related.

From CALENDAR HOUSE http://ancientlights.org/CalendarHouse/ch7.html                   “Below, we see how Labrys and the Sacral Knot at times became one sign, which Marinatos (2010: 122) reads as “life” because of its similarity to the Egyptian ankh.


                                                               “Labrys in the sky” might not surprise us, but why fused with a Sacral Knot?”

Image, from https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/306385580879448679/  From Cyclades                                                                               me:”Mother Goddess sign” From Danubian area:                                                        http://danaela-foculsacru.blogspot.ro/p/firesc-ca-si-procesul-faceriibarbatului.html

Image result for neolitic cerul si pamantu

http://www.andrewcollins.com/page/articles/Orion.htm                                               Orion / The First Constellation – http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?298090-Science-The-Oldest-Lunar-Calendar-on-Earth
“Michael A. Rappenglück in Germany has published exceptional research in which he proposes that astronomer-priests in European Upper Paleolithic cultures could ’see’ constellations in the night sky. They recorded those observations in cave paintings, on calendars and in sculptural art. Furthermore says Dr. Rappenglück, the astronomer-shamans of Magdalenian Culture created a cosmology and the first zodiac known to history.
These ideas were first presented in 1966, then in Dr. Rappenglück’s doctoral thesis in 1968. Dr. Rappenglück was not the first scholar of Upper Paleolithic European cultures to propose that astronomer-priests had found important constellations. Proposals of this sort had been published since the early decades of the 20th century. It is time to honor these researchers who are little known to the general public: Marcel Boudouin (France), Henri Breuil (France, early work at Lascaux), Amandus Weiss (Switzerland), Heino Eelsalu (Estonia), and Marie König (Germany).

Orion from Bayer’s “Uranometria” – 1603
Print *- Mouser / United States Naval Observatory / Wikipedia
Orion is the oldest and therefore the first constellation discovered by the human mind. The evidence is a carving on mammoth tusk ivory found with Aurignacian culture artifacts in 1979 in a cave in the Ach Valley, Alb-Danube region of Germany. C-14 dating of adjacent ash deposits brackets the age of this small sliver of mammoth tusk to between 38,000 and 32,000 B.C. Upon it was carved a man-like figure with outstretched arms, a pose that is a match to the stars of Orion, The Hunter.

Dr. Rappenglück has also suggested that the notches on the backside of this Orion figure are a primitive pregnancy calendar for predicting when a woman will give birth.
The tablet is 38 x 14 mm and the notches carved into its edges tell us that this is its final size. The tablet is not a fragment broken off from something larger. The Orion figure has arms raised and legs spread apart. Orion appears to have a sword hanging between his legs, and his left leg is shorter than his right leg. The slim waist of this tiny figurine of Orion would correspond to the bright stars of his belt in the constellation. The sword in this ivory figurine is the sword in the constellation of Orion. More telling perhaps is that the left leg in the constellation of Orion The Hunter is shorter than the right leg. ”          (My note: there were no swords in paleolithic….)

From the same above site,

Orion in the Neolithic Age

“The Ach Valley plate seems to demonstrate that interest in the Orion constellation began at a very early stage in human development, and thus it probably continued to remain important in the ancient mindset through till Neolithic times. This is when our ancestors gave up being hunters and foragers and settled down to become farmers and pastoralists, sometime around ca. 9000 BC. For instance, in Egypt’s Western Desert, at the site of a dry lake known as Nabta Playa, an 7,000-year-old megalithic structure was built to incorporate very specific astronomical alignments featuring the Orion constellation.

During the epoch of its construction, ca. 4950 BC, an observer standing inside Nabta Playa’s main “calendar” circle of standing stones could have watched Orion’s “belt” stars rise in line with distantly placed stone slabs erected specifically for this purpose. Their presence argues strongly that the Neolithic farmers who built this astronomical observatory, next to what was once a savannah-like oasis, were acutely aware that over time stars change their rising and setting positions due to the effects of precession. This is the slow wobble of the earth’s axis across a cycle of approximately 26,000 years. It is a surmise confirmed in the knowledge that when one outlying stone ceased to line up with the rising of a star, another would take its place, indicating an unfaltering interest in the stars of Orion across a very long period indeed.”                                                      ————————————————————-Now, if Orion constellation was the first humans took notice (I am for above reasoning)                          So my above title of the post is supported/could be sustained.                   (when I saw first time, and somebody showed me some constellations not seen any bear nor virgo or other things told me; 2 constalations were outstanding and impressed me: Orion and Casiopeia)

Now regarding the Danubian Earth Bird-Mother Goddess, the steps could be as follows:                                                                                                                                                     -Prehistoric Danubians thought that at the origin of all forms of life there are eggs.        So the human-kind originated from an primordial egg,  made by an ancestor-mother bird-like.                                                                                                                                       Image, from http://rolfgross.dreamhosters.com/Modern-Man-2012/ProtoEurope/ProtoEurope.html “Goddess of the

Picture, from http://www.arlea-art.com/suvenir_en.htm “Early Mycenaean idol”

                                                                                                                                              -They admired the liberty of flight of the birds.Admiring them did’nt know why they are making V-shape formations and where they go.As they saw birds high-up in the sky, the abode of this creature was also in the sky.                                                                                  – Probably they connected winged shape of Orion constellation with butterfly in Cyclades and their Bird Earth-Mother Goddess in Danubian area. From https://ro.pinterest.com/ifairywings/minoan/?lp=true  https://www.pinterest.com/ifairywings/minoan/                                                          “Minoan Goddess with buterfly wings”

Also they equated female silhuette with this shape also.                                                                                                             -No wonder if they sought that the very abode of their Goddess is in Orion. It seems that if or not a matriarhal society, female Goddess (before coming of I.Europeans) was before/prevailed on manly hunter (I.European patriarhal-type society), but we don’t know for sure.

Folowing, Vinca-Turdas-Cucuteni Goddess, https://www.pinterest.com/pin/346214290084412750/

Image result for vinca bird-goddess

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