Gobeklitepe-Sumerian hand-bag

Sumerian Proto-cuneiform sign GA2: https://ro.scribd.com/document/353794019/PROTO-LANGUAGE-MONOSYLLABLES-With-Their-Principal-Meanings-by-Patrick-C-Ryan

 From Archaeology of Food: An Encyclopedia Karen Bescherer Metheny, ‎Mary C. Beaudry file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/Vessels_and_other_containers_for_the_sto.pdf                         “This frame or container sign is reletad to a symilar basket or box, namely the sign GA2”   

From  https://www.sumerian.org/sumerian.pdf                                                                               ” GA (pronounced nga,ñá): basket; house; stable (cf., ñar) [GA2 archaic frequency: 125; concatenation of 5 sign variants].
GA (nga,ñá): (cf., ñál, ñar, ñe26 and ma(3)) ” Sign No. 458 GA2

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 with sign value https://www.oocities.org/proto-language/SumerianSignValueRegister.htm  ba4, ga2, ma3, pisan, sita.

Sumerian Lexicon – Sumerian Language Pagewww.sumerian.org › sumerianPDFAug 11, 1999 — The Sumerian lexicon has benefitted from several classes at UCLA with … pisań(2/3), pisan(2/3): (open) basket; box, chest; frame 

The sumerian word for basket, container, chest is :

From www.bulgari-istoria-2010.com › …PDF Sumerian Cuneiform English Dictionary 12013CT – bulgari-istoria 5 mai 2000 — The niftiest ‘Sumerian Cuneiform English Dictionary’ in the university world: … GA2 (ĝa2 /), mal, bisag / bisaĝ [ 704x] (pisan) = basket | [208x] … The wooden

www.academia.edu › Interpreting_J… (DOC) Interpreting John.A. Halloran’s Sumerian Lexicon … *gá: basket; house; stable (cf., gar) [GA2 archaic frequency: 125; concatenation of 5 sign variants] . ga – has the composition- ka- and the meaning-of the word iskukai-cave…

www.federatio.org › mi_biblPDF Etymological Dictionary of Hungarian (EDH) 22 ian. 2007 — to a relative small common Sumerian-Hungarian basis of … have always adhered to the Sumerian-Hungarian theory or … Sum. gá + gur … Sum. ga2 (pronounced ŋa) “I”

Proposal ; ZATU 751~b

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From https://cdli.ucla.edu/tools/SignLists/protocuneiform/archsigns.html sign URUDU~a

This is an exact shape of the hand-bag ! : URUDU~c

From https://www.sumerian.org/sumerian.pdf urudu, uruda, urud: copper; metal (ùru, ‘luminous object’, + dù, ‘to mould, cast’)

SO THE KNOWLEDGE WICH SUMERIANS RECEIVED WAS PICTURED IN THE SHAPE OF HANDBAG, WICH MENT METALLURGY KNOWLEDGE, TO OBTAIN AND WORK METALS (COPPER). As you will see metallurgy come from the North: From www.academia.edu › Sumerian_uru… Rezultate de pe web (PDF) Sumerian urudu and Kartvelian Metallurgy.pdf | Anna … <<In Kartvelian, we have the word uro ‘mallet’, which is phonetically similar to the … Thus, the ultimate meaning of the Sumerian urudu is uro ‘a big hammer’ + du ‘head, chief’, i.e. ‘the chief big hammer’, ‘the leading big hammer’ >>

Possible at the origin the vord come from “the chief big hammer” , soo possible the Tau cross shape of monuments ment: “THE CHIEF (big hammer)” as you see the proto-cuneiform shape URU~a.

From https://cdli.ucla.edu/tools/SignLists/protocuneiform/archsigns.html Sign “DUB”

𒁾 – Wiktionaryen.wiktionary.org › wiki Borrowed from Sumerian 𒁾 (dub). NounEdit. 𒁾 (ṭuppu). (clay) tablet · document · letter.

From https://www.crystalinks.com/Anunnaki.html Ea. Enki was a deity in Sumerian mythology, later known as Ea in Babylonian mythology. The name Ea is of Sumerian origin and was written by means of two signs signifying “house” and “water”. Enki was the deity of water, intelligence, creation, and lord of the Apsu, the watery abyss. Me. He was the keeper of the holy powers called Me. The exact meaning of his name is not sure: the common translation is “Lord of the Earth”: the Sumerian en is translated as “lord”, ki as “earth”; but there are theories that ki in this name has another origin.

In the handbag were holy powers called Me

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