Symbols T,H,I close meanings in Gobekli Tepe and Mesoamerica /South-West North-America

I found two papers in wich are discussed T-glyphs/symbols and T-doors in America: America’s T-doors. Between the Sumerians, Egyptians, Mayans and ancient Japanese – deciphering the IK glyph Matthias Ifejika and: Ik’ WAY: The Mayan Origin of T-Shaped Doors in the North American Southwest Mark Callis

Interesting enough despite the scientists are sure that T-symbol is “Iku“, also sure that is related to wind,soul,life. If there are hundred of T-doors, the authors not made any connection of the soul with the door. Nor with the afterlife. Only tangential with death. “As for Mesoamerican, all I know is that in the Maya case it may have something to do with the written representation of the word ” ik’ ” which means wind, breath, or life.” › stableSome Observations on T585 (Quincunx) of the Maya Script – jstor 《 Abstract .The Maya glyph IK (ik’) is found in structurally similar positions to the Maya quincunx glyph, which is known to have a phonetic value bi or be. Since ik’ is life, spirit, breath, wind in Mayan languages, it is noteworthy that bi/be means life, breath, spirit in Zapotecan languages, possible descendents of the language of Monte Alban in the Valley of Oaxaca, where the quincunx glyph is found quite early. Thus, it is conceivable that the Maya quincunx glyph with its sound value be was borrowed in both form and sound value from Zapotecans, suggesting that be is also the sound value of that glyph in the “Zapotec” script. It is further suggested that in Zapotec the quincunx was a logogram representing be life, breath, wind whose meaning carried over into at least the quincunx part of a “death” expression in the Maya inscriptions, and perhaps elsewhere in the Maya script. Additional connections of the quincunx and IK glyphs are pursued.》

In fact that doors were made and intended for exit (in the case of houses), passing the souls through them. Wikipedia/ soul hole :<<…an “entrance and exit opening for the soul of the deceased”. … the opening made in the locking stones of so many megalithic graves .” …. megalithic graves were “heavy spell housings against the demonic power of the living corpse and at the same time seats of the separated souls, for which a small opening – the so-called soul hole – was left in the stone structure, where the anima could secretly slip in and out. ” The term was used in archeology and ethnology , but is considered out of date. The German word “Seelenloch” is also used in English-language publications. >>
The shape is an abstraction of human torso because the hole must to acomodate the passing of something close to human body.Probably the spirit of the dead was amorphe, only by far ressembling the shape of human body. Very interesting, Gobekli Tepe T-pillars (upon scientists are abstract reflections of human body. As a result of my extensive study are related to sumerian proto-cuneiform sign Me:”to be,being”. Pillars were inhabiting life spirits, (as if they had souls).

I must explain that nowdays the spirit is equated with soul.I propose to consider spirit more as an essence, the abstract aspect. Soul, close to our senses and physiology, everyday life, breath. As animists consider that everything (living or objects) has its spirit but only animated,living beings has souls. I sustain that the American T-doors have the function of seelenloch=soul holes, present in many megalithic constructions throughout the World. Doors were thought as for exit, passage of the souls to the othe World. ====== From zThe breath of life symbol of the Maya I’K zthe T shaped symbol

“T” Shaped Window at Palenque

<< In the Mayan tradition, “I’q” is the Breath, the Air, the Spirit.The symbol of “I’q” is drawn as a T, representing a doorway into the spirit world and other dimensions. The T forms half of a cross (the World Tree) and the other half lies in the spirit world.Many of the Mayan temples have windows and doorways in the shape of a T. They are not only physical doorways but are also spiritual doorways (a portal into the spirit world).

Just as air is exchanged in the lungs, so our consciousness exchanges thoughts, ideas and experiences with the spirits by going through the zero point. Through the breath, we can gain a clearer perspective of reality, create a state of serenity and peace and journey through the corridor of our consciousness.>>


Pipette, Cochise County, Arizona. Photograph from Arizona Memory Project.

Symbols H and I are the same basic shape, one is another turned 90deg. In America’s the above author name them “ballcourts” and “pipettes”.From above paper: <<  Wright and Russell (2011)  illustrate approximately 60 pipettes from rock art sites in their paper (incidentally they also include five T-shapes, supposedly as half pipettes,  We submit that the compartmentalization of the cosmos into containers was  a conceptual metaphor of the tiered cosmos. This metaphor was embedded in the Uto-Aztecan language shared across Mesoamerica and the Greater Southwest and materialized in pipette symbolism. … In other words Wright and Russell are suggesting that the pipette symbol represents tiers of the cosmos with a passage up through them (for the entry of humans).  >> So the author, Faris connects pipettes wth cosmos. In my before posts I showed that H is a double T(sumerian Me) and could mean the connexion of below with above, or whole below and above, then Cosmos. Maybe Faris chain-pipettes are the symbol of soul passing stages=rungs, up to the sky.For the ballcourt he said: “One of the iconic features of Mesoamerican urban sites is the ballcourt. Many of these were formed in the shape of the capital letter “I”. … While these are named Ballcourts, and we certainly believe that the Mesoamerican ball games were conducted in them, they are also believed to have served a number of other functions, ritual and otherwise. ” And finaly no definite conclusion: “So is the T-shape half of an I-shaped ballcourt? Is a two-lobed pipette a I-shaped ballcourt, or two T-shapes together end to end? Is a three-lobed pipette a ballcourt and a T-shaped doorway connected? I really cannot say, although I do believe that those more conversant with Hohokam than I should take a detailed look at it ” Good enough, despite he knows that T symbol is for ik, “spirit,soul” and realised that pipettes and ballcourts shapes are connected T’s(Ik’s) at least he realise and become aware that of a relation of humans with cosmos and soul rising to sky.(“tiers of the cosmos with a passage up through them (for the entry of humans“)

Some questions remain, e.g. why a nail, hammer symbol for breath,soul ? But if we are seeing from the perspective of divine power of life the World is not longer upside-down..

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