Mars, radiation and artificial gravity

Lack of gravity is not a problem for short time intervals. But it becomes a big problem when we think of a trip to Mars (& much more when return). At time intervals such as 180 days (6 months) and over, lack of gravity it results in muscle atrophy, decalcification and a poor physical and mental condition. It seems that for now for Elon Musk the need of artificial gravity is not a priority, ( ie not a first degree priority ). On the first flight(s), the crew will not be tourists but probably astronauts with good physical condition and trained. Now, for E.Musk only the safety of the mission and that of the astronauts is very important. That is, practically not to explode something and for the crew to stay alive . Not to forget, every extra gram of wxtra weight costs. He didn’t even bother much with concrete solutions for generating Artificial Gravity. He was shown a proposal with 2 twin Starship rockets to be spaced with a kind of side tether rod + for safety an cable then rotated. Solution described here: “To address this, Youtuber smallstars has proposed a concept that he calls the Gravity Link Starship (GLS), a variation of SpaceX’s Starship that will be able to provide its own artificial gravity. ” Elon Musk said that it is good so (!?). There is another proposal that the rocket be made by attaching 2 longitudinal sections of the rocket and then rotated 90 degrees.

Gravité artificielle avec Starship – Exploration spatiale×410.jpg

I come up with a proposal that is simple and safe. It is somehow a cut of the Gordian knot. I was surprised to learn that the center of gravity of a Starship rocket ship is somewhere very close to the middle.

from Study of artificial gravity systems for long duration space … › bitstream › handle

  1. PDFby Ó Santín Blanco · 2020 — GLS2 Artificial Gravity for SpaceX Starship (smallstars) . … Starship’s center of mass (which we will consider to be in the middle of the ship

Why not splitting the rocket right in the middle?

Starship SN4 assembly diagram V4.8 - Updated 04/17/2020: StarshipDevelopment
Starship SN4 assembly diagram V4.8 – Updated 04/17/2020: StarshipDevelopment
Starship Compendium –

Then separate the halves, sliding along long axis.(one is the payload and the second CH4 + Lox and engines). They are joined with a tether rod (+ cable for safety?). Once separated, the rotation begins. (The “halves” could remain so along initial axis, or turned 90deg.)Luckily, one half contains the fuel tanks and the engines and the other half the cargo bay contains the means of support. of life and crew.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1572478168_spacex-starship-cutaway-diagram-by-julian-schindler.jpg

The crew does not need the fuel tanks and main engines to be nearby.

Cutaway diagram of SpaceX Starship | human Mars

I see a length of tether = the connection between the two halves of about 100 m? to get 1G of gravity at a reasonable rotation speed .

From <<For example, to produce standard gravityɡ0 = 9.8 m/s2 with a rotating spacecraft period of 15 s, the radius of rotation would have to be 56 m (184 ft), while a period of 30 s would require it to be 224 m (735 ft).>>

The lower the rotation speed, the more the difference between natural and artificial gravity is no longer discerned. (Minimal side effects). , otherwise when the length of the connection decreases, the speed increases. I propose that the joints and connections between the two halves and the stretcher have some degrees of freedom, allow pivoting / rotation. of uncontrolled rotation, a situation in which large forces can appear that break structural elements. Elon Musk will have to deal with both, the radiation shield and the artificial gravity because he cannot take the tourists’ money and then when returned leave them on the ground in a pitiful state, decalcified, with mental problems, most possibly human wrecks.

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