Final conclusion.The H and I symbols on Gobekli Tepe’s pillars.

H symbol is a rare sign from petroglyphs along ages onward.


It is coming to surface only from prehistory, and much frequently in later time, when was used in writing. Weird enough it is appearing frequently on T-pillars at Gobekli Tepe in two shapes, H and I. Wayne Herschel propose that icons to be for Orion constellation:

Dead heads: Turkish site reveals more evidence of neolithic 'skull cult' |  Archaeology | The Guardian

If you try to find the origin or at least a source of inspiration for H sign on Earth and in the Sky, will be very hard to find one, especially in such deep past. Could not be a phosphene or instant-out of one’s mind. There were other proposals and explanations for H signs at Gobekli Tepe: – As beeing a pair, two united humans; – H composed of two T-signs(Ray Urbaniak). – This one above, in my view also mean two sumerian proto-cuneiform T=me signs, me-me (under+above=cosmos). – The “H”-shaped Luwian symbol is the logogram for PORTA (“gate”; Petra Goedegebuure, personal communication). ———– Besides, Sidharth thinks “H” sign on one of the centered pillars symbolizes Orion constellation. According to him, sun and moon signs remark the solar eclipse [4]. According to Schmidt, H-like sign characterizes the man and woman relationship. ———– Not so many fellows know that the ancestor of latin/greek H letter were folowing signs: – linear elamite signs da,
  • – Old chinese sun/moon ideograms,
  • Linear A sign Pa3
  • Luwian sign porta/door
  • And canaanite-phoenician-old hebrew cheth/heth.

And all theese having in their turn (maybe? I hypothesise) at the origin the sumerian proto-cuneiform sign Ku.

H, Heth and Ku all have the same blueprint/sketch, depending how one is uniting 6 points.


—— But what is much important is the fact that this is the sqetch of the shape of the Orion constellation.This “ladder”-like shape is linked in Egyptian lore with heaven/future life From “Through the hope of new life after death, Osiris began to be associated with the cycles observed in nature, in particular vegetation and the annual flooding of the Nile, through his links with the heliacal rising of Orion and Sirius at the start of the new year.” In old chinese writing is linked with shiny, light.(see the old shape of sun and moon ideograms). Not to pass unnoticed the ‘above’ and ‘under’ ideograms wich are half of a H sign! ——- No wonder that H/Ku shape appeared in PPNA culture of Gobekli Tepe in two instances: as H symbols on pillars and as Ku/Ladder/gate signs in so called port-holes. › 2017/03/20

———- No matter what was first: Biggest on sky, Orion constellation; sumerian Ur “light” (Uru-An-Na, light of heaven),or some ancient sign for door,gate/gateway ========

eugenrau: Related to Orion visibility extension, Kebaran and Natufian cultures extended mainly in southern Mesopotamia. From Gobekli Tepe and rebirth of Sirius From › in-plain-sight-…In Plain Sight: The identity of the Twin Pillars of Göbekli Tepe << I venture that, as with the “O” and the “C,” the “H” also represents a celestial figure, and furthermore that a likely candidate would be Orion — a highly visible and widely recognized constellation. Orion can be visualized as an “H.” A row of three bright stars, the readily identifiable “Orion’s belt,” would constitute the crosspiece, with the four most brilliant stars in the constellation serving in pairs as the uprights, forming, roughly in parallel, two imaginary straight lines.There have been a number of technical interpretations of celestial configurations having to do with Göbekli Tepe, many with respect to the positioning of the structures themselves in relation to heavenly events. These have support in the orientation of Stonehenge and other Stone Age monuments in respect to the solstices. My finding the “H” of the moon emblem to stand for Orion is of a different sort, but it does present a perplexity having to do with the time and place of the observer. As it happens, owing to the precession of the equinoxes, in 9000 BC Orion would have been visible in the southern sky at Göbekli Tepe only from the belt up. This, need not necessarily, however, stand in the way of the interpretation. The constellation would have been visible in full in southern Mesopotamia. And there had come into play in the late Upper Paleolithic and Neolithic high levels of intergroup communication and interchange over the whole of the region: “This was a highly connected world. There were multiple channels of communication along which a symbolic repertoire could have spread and been renewed” (Hodder and Meskell, 2011, p. 259). It is therefore by no means implausible that the constellation in full might have become a fixture in the human imagination throughout the region, even though Orion was visible in full in only part of it. Moreover, such a bright and distinctive figure in the night sky as Orion would invite interpretation. Consider that someone today, looking up at Orion, would not, without its being in some way explained, readily conjure up the image of a mighty hunter. That the constellation is seen as such, however, supplies a further ground for the idea of Orion here: Orion is portrayed in myth as a hunting companion of the Great other goddess Artemis — whose emblem was the crescent moon — and who was also goddess of the hunt. Another notably bright star, Sirius, is directly associated with Orion, appearing in a straight line from Orion’s distinctive belt. Called the “Dog Star,” it is linked in legend with Orion as one of his hunting dogs. All taken, these connections should warrant a provisional treatment of the “H” as a symbol for Orion, at least until a surer explanation might present itself. The crescent of the moon newly rising before dawn is oriented toward the eastern horizon from which it arises, as might be a bow bent to send an arrow back in that direction. By contrast, the bow of the crescent of the waxing moon seen before sunset points in the opposite direction, toward the western horizon into which it sinks. The two “C’s” framing the “H” figure on the belt of the moon pillar would accurately replicate, therefore, the positioning of an astral figure such as Orion — or another, the Milky Way, for instance — as standing between the opposed crescents as they might be pondered at break of day and at dusk by ancient scanners of the night sky.>>

My contribution (eugenrau) to the science developement, for wich I not found somebody else idea, that T SHAPE WAS AT THE ORIGIN OF LATER SUMERIAN PROTO-CUNEIFORM SIGN ME: “DIVINE POWERS So, two T signs combined giving shape to H and I, wich is multiplied divine power and signifies the connection between up and down, TOTAL, SHAMANIC POWER = COSMIC POWER Interesting sumerians knew of such a connection : From › nippu…
Nippur (E-kur/Duranki) : The omphalo of the Sumerians < Duranki (Dur.An.Ki) was the Sumerian term for the people who were created by their Gods. Dur translates to Bond, An is sky and Ki earth> THE PROTOTYPE OF SUMERIAN, OLD CHINESE, PHOENICIAN, LINEAR A AND ALL H-LIKE SIGNS (WICH MENT SHINE, LIGT) IS TO BE FOUND AT GOBEKLI TEPE 9,600 B.C. ! Related to the purpose and meaning of the sign, I suppose that: – was used in death, ancestor cult rituals (seelenloch=soul-hole;see temple portholes) and possible in astronomy/calendrics. – the exact meaning was possible already fergotten even then.At least was not a name for Orion. If guess a meaning of the sign, this could be: “shiny, light”…(heaven gate?) As Gobekli Tepe hunter-gatherers practiced sky burial, it is natural to expect they sought afterlife in the sky. Orion, the biggest visible constellation could have been the gateway, portal through they needed to pass Documentation

I found not explanation for the fact that H and T signs could be transmitted from generation to generation 6,000 years from Gobekli Tepe (9,600 B.C.) to sumerians (3,500 B.C.), a time span of 6,000 years ! ? But much easy explainable if the site is not so old.This idea arouse in my mind and was sustained by schollar Dimitrios Dendrinos : From › 3174…(PDF) Dating Gobekli Tepe – ResearchGate— Dating Gobekli Tepe: the evidence doesn’t support a PPNB date, but instead a possibly much later one. Dimitrios S. Dendrinos Ph.D. From “Gula, also known as Ninkarrak, was the goddess of healing as well as the patroness of doctors. She was known by many names including Nintinuga, Meme, Ninkarrak, Ninisina, and ‘the lady of Isin’, which were originally the names of various other goddesses.” ********* I have no priority for the idea that H and I signs could be seen as composed of two T signs. From Cosmic Power of the Shaman and Symbols at Göbekli Tepe – Part II By Özgür Baris Etli << Cosmic Power of the Shaman … In my opinion, the leopard skin emblematizes the Cosmic Puissance or cosmic power of the shaman.  The H symbol One of the highly disputed symbols is the H-like symbol (and also “( H )” symbol) which is seen carved on  Enclosure D pillars. Some say this symbol emblematizes the Orion constellation. I think this is not true. Because, besides the “H “symbol, there is an “I-like” symbol, which can define as slanted “H”. Both of them are not related to Orion. To provide some intriguing and factual meanings based on cultural and archaeological datas: “H” symbol is not only a monolith symbol itself. It consists of two parts, which we can define as Tau…Ray Urbaniak interprets the “H” symbol to mean double T shapes. Two T shapes butted together form a double T. He also says that Tau represents half of which is in the spiritual world. So, we can imagine that the “H” symbol consists of two Tau symbols. In my opinion, both of the side symbols next to “H” symbol represent the rising and setting sun. …The widespread usage amongst indigenous American peoples of the inverted and upright Tau shape as emblems of the above and below is abundantly proven and doubtlessly arose as naturally as the Chinese characters “Shang: Above”, employed as a symbol for heaven, and “Lea: Below or Beneath”, employed as a symbol for earth. The connection between Heaven and Earth represents the creation of innocence and this is reflected by the central line. ….So, I can suggest that the mysterious “I” symbol is about a “Heaven (Sky) – Earth connection: so the life could exist. In shamanic belief, Earth takes its life force from the sky via the navel cord. Göbekli Tepe should be seen as an important site for this reason. (Interestingly, In Turkish “Göbek” means “The Navel”). ….Life force is believed to be always there, but not always visible. It is believed to be visible on specific days of year. These days are the equinox and solstice days. On the other hand, the “H” or slanted “I” symbol may be about East-West, Woman-Man or God-Goddess connections. ….In this case, the shaman may have also served as a ritual bridge between earth and sky. >>

…… the Earth was ment at 9,000 B.C. flat and the sky as a cover, so also flat not curved. Sky and Earth was united by middle stroke in H and I signs, like a navel cord. Gobek/turkish=”navel”

Utah petroglyphs

Note. 1. MeMe is Me reduplicated, and if me it is divine power, meme will be plural, divine powers.There was a sumerian female divinity Bau, Baba,Ur-Bau or Ur-Meme known also as Gula. From “Gula (also known as Ninkarrak) is the Babylonian goddess of healing and patroness of doctors, healing arts, and medical practices. She is first attested to in the Ur III Period (2047-1750 BCE) where she is referenced as a great goddess of health and well-being. ….Her name (Gula) means ‘Great‘ ..” Note: 《Gyula (title), a Hungarian title of the 9th-10th century It means Leader 》 So you see that sign H, composed of two T=me= divine power(s) is meme wich means Gula, “great” (power). 2. Ur-Meme was kind of wich, medicine-man=shaman From › …Read online The Healing Goddess Gula Towards an Understanding … “Healing – healing of one’s soul or body in wellness; shaman, medicine man, … Gula/ninkarrak is a healing deity..” Shape “T” and accordingly T-pillars was associated, and even more, identified with divine life spirit and power. ========== H and I signs. Are more complex, double T’s. Both had complex meaning: – Ment Orion, wich was the icon/symbol of light, heaven (and possible gateway toward it) – Ment Divine/cosmic powers, life force wich connects Earth and Heaven.There is at the hand of samans. – Both signs could be also ideograms for living creature/life. =========

In previous posts, I gave hard evidences that T-shaped pillars are divine, sacred symbols. Pillars are temples, in fact houses wich inhabit Life Spirit. If T shape is sumerian proto-cuneiform sign Me and had a complex meaning: “divine powers – divine decree – (divine) beeing – rite – will to live”, for Gobekli Tepe’s people had also complex meaning, but mainly “Life Spirit

From › 3305…Paradoxes of the Idea of Progress and Cultural … – ResearchGateС. 150-174 [Yemelianov V.V. On the Original Meaning of Sumerian ME (Images of … [Emelyanov V.V. An Answer to the Paper by I.A. 《me:”will to live“》 From “Ray Urbaniak interprets the “H” symbol to mean double T shapes. … He also says that Tau represents half of which is in the spiritual world. ” (.. and I am adding, sure also the cass for I symbols). If I stressed (later, after Urbaniak) that H is composed of two T-s, I was the sole wich found that H’s and I’s signs were composed in the same time as of two T’s, also composed of two sumerian proto-cuneiform Me signs ! I advanced that H and I are symbols much complex as Me “divine powers= life spirit”, are symbols of life-giving Divine Cosmic Powers. If Özgür Baris Etli asserted : “..So, I can suggest that the mysterious “I” symbol is about a “Heaven (Sky) – Earth connection: so the life could exist. In shamanic belief, Earth takes its life force from the sky via the navel cord.Göbekli Tepe should be seen as an important site for this reason. ” ÷÷÷÷÷÷ I give hard evidence (not supposing) to Baris Etli and mine hipothesis that H/I are symbols of divine powers wich connect Sky and Earth ÷÷÷÷÷÷÷ So, H and I symbols are also 2xT =Me-Me; Meme (Ur-Meme) was Gula healing Goddess.So H and I possible could be for sumerians Her symbols, and for Gobekli Tepe’s people divine powers of shamans symbols, with divine/healing powers as her’s.Shamans connects divine powers of Sky and Earth and restoring (sound) Life.

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