Round Tartaria tablet, rural calendar ?

We are facing the posibility that the signs on upper half of the round Tartaria tablets are in fact archaic greek letters. If so, the coresponding writing could be quite new, later to 750 B.C., even close to nowdays !? If the writing is from epichoric alphabets phase (before were stabilised /standardised) we could have the equivalent of the letters:
HP  are”HR  and DDoc  are “RRos”                                                                                               See P/D shapes for letter R in Crete:     An Archaic Greek Inscription from Crete
Author(s): Lilian H. Jeffery and Anna Morpurgo-Davies                                     

HoRa,ora /HoRo   ROROS                                                                                                              From Etruscan Glossary A (spreadsheet containing 2,500 Etruscan words ……/Etruscan_Glossary_A_spreadsheet_containing_2_500_Etrusca…   One of several Latin towns taken by Tarquin 600 B.C. CaMaReM (L. 1st decl. …… K31, K109 1896 rural, to live in the country (L. ruro-are) ROROS (RVRVS) (See …

Time/season/limit  RURAL(of the countryside!).....................Where sign +++++ is number 5/15?

1,000 Most Common Albanian Words (with AUDIO) – › albanian › most…
A list of the most commonly spoken Albanian words. Translated into English. … Menu. Albanian Dictionary … Number, Albanian Word, in English …. 183, herë, time ….. 959, HERA:”TIME”                                                                              ==========================================                                                                 Now nobody know the exact historical relation between ilyrians, dorians and albanians. Much harder, thay say that illyrians are originating from north (Dacia and or Panonia !?). In the past albanians and proto-romanians shared an common past. Those romanian and albanian ancestors moved on a nort-south direction with their sheep herds from greece to Dacia and reverse. So virtually they could got in touch with greek writings and could transmit it. So we could have:                                                                                                                           HP   RRoc                                                                                                                                                HeRe   RRok                                                                                                                                                  From



romanian:”masor, smulg, prinde”, deci:


P.S.                                                                                                                                                       The  lunisolar calendars, have  figured a cross,                                                                      From Researcher cites ancient Minoan-era ‘computer’                                                                                                                                                                ..Cross wich represent cardinal points/directions and also 4-year division in seasons.              The sign +++++ could represent number 5, wich is the correction/leap from the year composed of old-used before year with round 30 days/month >360/year to the year with 365 days !

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